Wednesday, January 29, 2014

D is for Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was kind of like my coming of age movie. I was 12 when it came out. It was the first movie I went on a date to. Kudos to the boy who took me for taking me to a girlie movie. For a long, long time, The Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes was my favourite song, and my reverie was complete when I was given the soundtrack to the movie for Christmas 1987.

Patrick Swayze was so handsome, he could dance like a dream and he could even sing!

I must admit that at 12, I didn't pay much attention to Jennifer Grey, but of course, the movie would not have worked had she not given the amazing performance that she did, and the final dance is one of the best, if not the best dance sequence I've ever seen on the movies. I wish there would be more dance movies, and I wish Patrick had done more dancing movies. I feel the same way about John Travolta and Grease. Is it because action movies are more popular? I think it's a shame, when action stars really are a dime a dozen, and only a handful of people can dance and sing. Anyway, maybe if there had been more dance movies, these wouldn't seem as amazing as they do. Pure, timeless perfection.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daniel Baron - Rising SA Star!

Daniel Baron is one of South Africa's up and coming young super stars! (not to mention very handsome!) It's great fun and a huge privilege to chat to him here on Pop Speaking! He is an award-winning, chart-topping singer/songwriter and performing artist who achieved an astounding 8 radio hits off his debut album ‘It’s Time’. He took the time out of his schedule to chat to us. 

What got you started in music and who are some of your influences and favourite artists?

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents are music lovers as well. I started playing drums at the age of 7. As regards influences, they are vast but some of them are U2, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. 

You recently filmed the video for Crazy Beautiful World. Tell us about this experience and what is the song about? The video moves around and really fits in well with the song.

It was an incredibly fun video shoot. We went to the mine dumps in Joburg city and it also includes footage from my Joburg Day appearance in front of 30000 people. 'Crazy Beautiful World' is about how we sometimes get caught up in our complicated lives and forget to appreciate the simple beauty in our world.

Do you have any favourites out of your own music, and why?

I always find it impossible to choose. My songs are like my children. 

What’s been one of the most meaningful experiences of your music career?

Performing as an opening act for the legendary Bon Jovi at FNB Stadium in front of 65 000 people. 

You did a stunning collaboration with ProVerb, Not Here, which stayed on top of the Kia Charts for a long time. How did it come about that you’d work with him and what was it like?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Being a Celeb Location Stalker!

Another day and another fantastic interview brought to you by Pop Speaking. I got so excited when I was doing some research on my last interviewee Chris Mann and found this FANTASTIC page  in connection with some research they had done with Chris. I knew I had to stalk THEM down!

Lindsay Blake was kind enough to answer my long and rambling questions!!  

Firstly please would you give me a short blurb about yourself? 

OK about me – I grew up in a small San Francisco suburb, where I felt worlds away from Hollywood.  I was always obsessed with movies, television shows and celebrities, though.  And while my parents took me to Disneyland pretty much every year of my life, we never really went to L.A. proper.  When I finally did get to visit Hollywood for the first time and saw the Hollywood Sign (at the age of 20), I just about died.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A is for Astley - Rick Astley!

This post is dedicated to all the RICKETTES across the world!

For me, as a pop culture fundi, there can be no compromise on this one. Rick Astley is my be all and end all when it comes to pop music, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! He was my teenage crush deluxe, he was to me what Justin Bieber is to the screaming mass of teenage girls today. It's got something to do with when you first become a teenager - you fall in love, and there's nothing you can do about it, no matter who thinks who is cheesy and uncool - if you adore your idol, then you adore them.

Look closely at the pic I've shared here. I've shared a lot of pics with signatures on them, but not all of them have been signed specially for me. This one, Rick sent to me back in 1989!

Something about Rick Astley though. A promise he makes is a promise he keeps (yes, I know, it's from a TV jingle). He never did give us up, run around or desert us. He took a break from music - it's well known that he said he became fatigued with the travelling, the crazy bustling life when he was at the height of his fame, and the allure of his baby daughter and girlfriend at home were more appealing. Now though, his daughter is grown, his wife is busy with her own career, and he has been making music again, the most recent being a duet he recorded with Kim Wilde of Kids In America fame - a remake of the classic Christmas carol Winter Wonderland. If anyone knows where Rick finds his Elixir of Youth, please let me know as well!