Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of the Nation

I have been thinking today about voting in South Africa, and more specifically about whether most people are a member of a political party. Without actually getting political in this post, I am thinking about levels of apathy. Surely we should all care deeply about our country and as such be a member of a party and at least we make sure we cast a vote in the election? I am not necessarily a political person, and I feel that if things were running right, then I wouldn't feel a need to be political. But things aren't right... things don't work. Crime levels are too high. Friends of mine were shot at in a parking lot of a shopping centre recently. I have been a victim of card cloning. The corruption levels have increased from 34% to 67% since 1994. I am a positive South African, I love my country. And I don't see why a few at the top should mess it up for us who work hard on the ground.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cleveland CPF 3 July 2013

I attended a recent CPF sector meeting in our community. We are very fortunate to have some dedicated policeman, community leaders and other role players in our midst. But this meeting was not well attended. We had about 7 people attend. This is important information that is being discussed here, and feedback is given to the community from the police about crime in their very own area. We put sufficient advertising in the paper, on Facebook, by email, by word of mouth. I would like to understand the apathy of people - why don't you attend?

In any case, I stood up and told the people who were there about the ward committee and what the public safety portfolio involves. I'll be doing the same at other community meetings in the future, so come along if you want to hear.

Important Info

Each ward councillor has a Ward Committee. I am on the Ward Committee of Ward 118 (Johannesburg SA), Alison van der Molen's ward. My portfolio is that of Public Safety.  This is NOT a replacement for reporting to officials like the police or council.. just a place to discuss and disseminate info.

How can you be involved?

Cleveland CPF meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month at 18:30 at Cleveland Police Station.

Sector 1 meetings are the last Thursday of each month at Queens High School at 18:00 and is a public meeting.
Sector 1 patrol vehicle: 071 675 6069

Sector 2 (Kensington) holds its public meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 18:30 at Kensington Secondary School.
Sector 2 patrol vehicles: 071 675 6071 / 071 675 6072

Sector 3 Malvern crime forum meetings are held on the second Saturday of month @ 11am at NG Kerk cnr King and Pandora road Malvern For more info contact Mike 083 319 3875
Sector 3 patrol vehicle: 071 675 6074.
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 Report illegal dumping using this form:

SAPS  10111
 SAPS Crimestop  086 001 0111
 National Anti-corruption Hotline  080 070 1701
 Public Protector  (011)366 7000
 Open Democracy Advice Centre  080 052 5352
 JMPD  (011)375 5911
 Ambulance Services  (011)655 6888;
 112(from a cell phone)
 Fire Services  (011)375 5919;
 112(from a cell phone)
 Life Threatening Situations  (011)375 5911;
 112(from a cell phone)

 Non-life Threatening situations

(011)758 5000

Roads  080 001 0101

Poison Information Centre  080 033 3444

 Electricity  (011)375 5555

 Water   (011)688 1500
 Disaster Management  (011)375 5919

When people suspect cables are being stolen, they need to sms the sector vehicle, phone 10111 and JMPD control room on 011 375 5911. City Power also has a Risk Control Department on 011 490 7559 or 7553.