Wednesday, July 17, 2013

State of the Nation

I have been thinking today about voting in South Africa, and more specifically about whether most people are a member of a political party. Without actually getting political in this post, I am thinking about levels of apathy. Surely we should all care deeply about our country and as such be a member of a party and at least we make sure we cast a vote in the election? I am not necessarily a political person, and I feel that if things were running right, then I wouldn't feel a need to be political. But things aren't right... things don't work. Crime levels are too high. Friends of mine were shot at in a parking lot of a shopping centre recently. I have been a victim of card cloning. The corruption levels have increased from 34% to 67% since 1994. I am a positive South African, I love my country. And I don't see why a few at the top should mess it up for us who work hard on the ground.

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