Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daniel Baron - Rising SA Star!

Daniel Baron is one of South Africa's up and coming young super stars! (not to mention very handsome!) It's great fun and a huge privilege to chat to him here on Pop Speaking! He is an award-winning, chart-topping singer/songwriter and performing artist who achieved an astounding 8 radio hits off his debut album ‘It’s Time’. He took the time out of his schedule to chat to us. 

What got you started in music and who are some of your influences and favourite artists?

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents are music lovers as well. I started playing drums at the age of 7. As regards influences, they are vast but some of them are U2, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison. 

You recently filmed the video for Crazy Beautiful World. Tell us about this experience and what is the song about? The video moves around and really fits in well with the song.

It was an incredibly fun video shoot. We went to the mine dumps in Joburg city and it also includes footage from my Joburg Day appearance in front of 30000 people. 'Crazy Beautiful World' is about how we sometimes get caught up in our complicated lives and forget to appreciate the simple beauty in our world.

Do you have any favourites out of your own music, and why?

I always find it impossible to choose. My songs are like my children. 

What’s been one of the most meaningful experiences of your music career?

Performing as an opening act for the legendary Bon Jovi at FNB Stadium in front of 65 000 people. 

You did a stunning collaboration with ProVerb, Not Here, which stayed on top of the Kia Charts for a long time. How did it come about that you’d work with him and what was it like?

Thank you:) I always knew that "Not Here" needed a rap artist, so I approached ProVerb, as he is one of the best in the business. He was awesome to work with. A true pro!

I have an interest in the ‘golden thread of humanity’, which connects us all through generations, nationalities, countries. There’s something inside us all that is common. An artist or musician can tweak that thread and make people FEEL. Music and art lives on through generations, if you look at Elvis, the Beatles, and musicians before them.  What are your thoughts about this? What inspires this and how do you hope to affect people of today and possibly future?

I agree with you. I believe that music is a part of life itself. I know that a large percentage of the world would not be able to live without it. I also believe that certain people on this planet are given a responsibility by God to make music and share it with others to inspire, to move and to help them. I hope to do just that.

What lies ahead for you?

I have always had the dream to tour the world with my band and share my music with as many people as possible. (Only if they'd like to hear it, of course)  

How would you encourage someone trying to break into the music industry – any tips for them to survive in the South African music industry?

I have learned that there are no particular rules or formulae to go by. Each person will have a different method. My only advice would be, to keep believing in yourself and your dreams; to work hard; and to keep your faith, family and friends close by. 

One of my favourites is Different Feeling. Can you sing it for me? :-) just kidding!!!  Just to wish you all the best for the future, you are one of SA's very best!!! 

I'd love to sing it for you! I do perform private concerts:) ! Thank you for the awesome questions. I loved the interview! 

And I loved doing the interview and I will take you up on the offer to sing!!!

Daniel Baron's music is available from Itunes and good music stores. He has a new album coming out soon and is looking forward to the K-Day music fest in the Cape on 29th March. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter 


  1. Ahem... There's this rock I've been hiding under and had never heard of Daniel Baron. But, I LOVE this song, and I'm definitely looking forward to more from him. Also going to chat to Baby about him... we usually exchange music and I'm hoping that I'll scoop her on this one:-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm always glad to introduce a new fan to someone so good! Baby will love it - you better be prepared to buy some music and get some posters :-)

  3. Gaynor, thanks for sharing this wonderful artist with us and his music too!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by! So pleased you enjoyed it, and Daniel has just returned from the US - maybe you'll be hearing more of him there soon!

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  5. Gaynor you as talented as the people that you interview. Love your questions and style.


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