Sunday, June 29, 2014

Where's Sheldon Cooper? He's here!

The Big Bang Theory ended Season 7 on a cliff hanger with Sheldon about to board a train and head off into the unknown.  This is kinda distressing for BBT fans as we're not sure how well Sheldon can cope on his own.

However, I'm here to tell you that it's all okay! The world has CCTV cameras, and we can see pretty well where Sheldon is. 

He's been photobombing at the Critics' Choice Awards

He popped in at Home and got animated with Rihanna.

He got bullied about being married. (not to Ellen LOL).

His mother must be very disappointed by the amount of coffee - an addictive substance - that he is drinking! But he sure is getting around! 

And clearly he has either alighted from the train or has invented something to make trains fly because he is currently at Wimbledon! 

So you see fellow Sheldon Cooper fans, we have nothing to worry about! Sheldon's fine and having fun!!

You'll be pleased to know that The Big Bang Theory starts again on 22 September on CBS at 8pm with two episodes, where we'll find out what Sheldon tells the writers that he's been doing! 

If you find out any more places he goes to, tweet them to us at @Popspeaking or comment here!

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